Widespread UFO Reports In Southern New Hampshire

Haverhill Gazette, Thursday, September 9, 1965
L'article d'origine s1"Misc Blue Book Files Roll 2", Blue Book archives, p. 325
L'article d'origine s1"Misc Blue Book Files      Roll 2", Blue Book archives, p. 325

KENSINGTON, N.H. — An unidentified flying object has been reported as being sighted by at least five persons, including two Exeter police officers, in a field off Route 150.

Early Friday morning, Norman J. Muscarello, 18, 205½ Front St., Exeter, was walking on Route 150 in Kensington, near the residence of Carl Dining, when he said he saw a large, red object with flashing lights emerge from the woods in the rear of the Dining residence.

Muscarello, on being interviewed later, stated he was at first stunned and then he lay flat in the ditch until the hovering object had withdrawn. He then tried to rouse the nearby Clyde Russell household but was unsuccessful.

Muscarello flagged down a passing car and was taken to the Exeter Police station where he reported what he had seen to Officer Eugene Bertrand.

Bertrand returned to Kensington with the youth and they were joined by Officer David Hunt. The trio walked down into the field towards the area Muscarello reported seeing the object materialize. Suddenly, the brilliant red object rose slowly in the sky, they said.

Bertrand ran to the police cruiser and notified the desk officer. They said the mysterious object hovered in the vicinity for, approximately 15 or 20 minutes before it disappeared from sight again. Muscarello said it appeared to be as big as a house and completely silent. It was reported to move on a tilted angle.

During the time the object was in sight the horses at the Dining farm caused considerable commotion and the dogs in the neighborhood were reported to bark and howl.

Similar reports of other people sighting the object that same night came into the police station. The descriptions were essentially similar.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Russell reported seeing a large mysterious object at about 10 p.m. Friday as they were getting ready for bed. Their description of the object was a large red ball with flashing lights. They said it made no noise and was moving rather slowly.

Watchers were out for about five hours Saturday night but the unidentified flying object was not seen.

According to Exeter police two unidentified women were found in a state of near-shock in a parked car on the Exeter-Hampton by-pass at 12:30 Friday morning.

Officer Bertrand said the women reported being chased along Route 101 from Epping for about 12 miles by a flying object which glowed with a brilliant halo of red.

The flying object was again sighted by one of the women as she related the story to police. Bertrand sighted the object and said it appeared to be a star low on the horizon.

Another sighting was reported by a police officer at 3:30 p.m. Friday at the intersection of Route 101 by-pass in Exeter and Route 87 in Newfields, N.H.

Also, an unidentified man telephoned Exeter police later Friday afternoon in what police described as an "hysterical" condition, reporting that he had been chased by a flying saucer. The line went dead before the call could be completed or traced, (...)