The Wilbert Smith CJOH TV Interview

In a just recovered 1961 interview with television station CJOH, the former head of the official Canadian Government UFO investigation, Wilbert Smith, was asked a number of questions about what he had learned during his days of investigating flying saucers for the government. Among the many questions was one about whether or not communication had taken place _between space people and people of this planet, and if communication had occurred how was it done?

The question of communication addressed to Smith was important, not only because he headed up the official government investigation into UFOs from 1950 _ 1954, but because Smith was one of the foremost communications experts of the day.

Smith worked as the chief radio engineer for the Canadian government, going on in 1956 to head up the countries radio regulations department. More importantly, he was in charge of monitoring 50,000 radio frequencies in Canada, and ran the Top Secret _Radio Ottawa where spies would radio in to intelligence services.

Smith's reply to the interviewer regarding the subject of talking to aliens was positive.

_Some of the communications have been on a face-to-face basis but I have not been so honoured myself. Some of the communications have been by ordinary radio, and I have received a few messages by this means. But by far the majority of the communications are by what we call Tensor Beam transmission, which uses a type of radio with which we are only vaguely familiar, and which I couldn't possibly attempt to describe now. However, the mental images of the person wishing to transmit are picked up electrically amplified and modulated into a tensor beam, which is directed to the person to whom the transmission is addressed, and within whose brain the mental images are recreated. The transmissions are therefore very precise, and independent of language. I have had some experience with these transmissions myself and can say that they are like nothing within the conventional experiences of earth people.

In the rest of the interview Wilbert Smith discusses what the aliens look like, the effect of the extraterrestrial idea on religion, secrecy, and a number of other topics. It should be noted in the interview that Wilbert Smith never used the word UFO. This is because from the very beginning Smith was aware that the phenomena was extraterrestrial, and that UFO was a word developed by the U.S.A.F. in 1952 to muddy the waters for investigators. According to Smith's son Jim Smith, shortly before his death in 1962 Wilbert called his son in, and told him that he had in fact seen the alien bodies from a crash, and had been shown a crashed flying saucer outside of Washington D.C., while conducting the official Canadian investigation. The 1961 interview continues.


Do you believe that flying saucers are real? Yes. I am convinced that they are just as real and tangible as most things we deal with in our every day lives.

Why do you think they are real? Because thousands of people have seen them, many under circumstances, which virtually preclude misinterpretation, many of these sightings have been co-ordinated with radar fixes. Photographs have been taken and physical evidence has been accumulated.

Have you ever seen a flying saucer yourself? I have seen several objects which I concluded were flying saucers simply because they couldn't be anything else.

Would you please describe such a sighting? Last year, I think it was August 16, (Echo 1 was launched August 12, 1960) right after the launching of Echo I, my wife and I, and a couple of friends, were outside sky-gazing to see the passage of Echo 1 which was due about ten minutes to nine. At about a quarter to nine a bright object came from the south at an apparent speed about twice the expected speed of echo, and travelled almost due north. As it approached, and when viewed through binoculars, it appeared to be a steady brilliant white light with a flashing electric blue light superimposed on it. At first the rate of flashing was not apparent as it was above the flicker frequency, but as it approached the frequency of the flicker slowed down until it was about one per second as it passed overhead. As it proceeded northward it suddenly made a sharp right hand turn and headed due west and disappeared into the western sky, with the blue light still flashing. There was no noise and the apparent speed was about the same as a jet flying at 10,000 feet. About five or so minutes later Echo 1 sailed majestically into view from the south-west as much less than half the apparent speed of the previous object.

Where you able to see any shape of the object? No. Just a bright white light, with the intense blue light with it.

You said earlier that there was physical evidence, and that pictures existed supporting the reality of flying saucers. Would you please explain? There have been over a hundred books and very many magazines published in the last ten or twelve years, the majority of which are predominately accounts of sightings, pictures, and descriptions of the physical evidence, which has accumulated. In the limited time available I could not possibly cover more than one or two such cases. However, here are a couple of interesting ones. (Two book quotes)

Have you, yourself actually handled any material believed to be from a flying saucer? If by that you mean material substance showing evidence of fabrication through intelligent effort and not originating on this planet, I have. But I cannot say from my own knowledge that it was ever part of a flying saucer. Unfortunately, most of my contacts in this direction were through classified channels, which for some particular reason, which I could never fathom, insisted in _Classifying these matters, and I am not at liberty to discuss them further.

What about pictures? I am naturally very skeptical about pictures since they are so very easy to fake, so unless I have taken the picture myself and participated in its developing, I would not like to offer any of them as authentic. I have taken a few myself, but I'm afraid that they are not very impressive. There are however, many pictures available, which, whether they are fakes or not, do check quite well with the many visual descriptions. Here are a few. (Shows a few photographs)

How long have you been studying flying saucers? I suppose I have always known that there were other intelligent beings in the universe other than ourselves, and that sooner or later they would visit us. In 1947 when the first wide spread publicity on flying saucers came about, I thought this was something worth thinking about and maybe investigating. However, I didn't get around to active participation until 1950, when I was attending a rather slow-moving broadcasting conference in Washington D.C. and having some free time on my hands, I circulated around asking a few questions about flying saucers, which stirred up a hornet's nest. I found that the U.S. government had a highly classified project set up to study them, so I reasoned that with so much smoke maybe I should look for the fire. So I set about gathering as much sighting data as I could get a hold of and analyzing it, from which I concluded that there was a 91% probability that the saucers were real, and a 60% probability that they were alien craft of some kind.

What is the official view of flying saucers? I don't even know if there is one, in Canada. In the United States there have been so many contradictory statements made that I doubt if anyone could sort them out. However, I don't think it really matters much anyway because the saucers are here and our opinions regarding them are not going to change matters. It has been my experience that no one who takes even a little time to study the evidence available publicly remains skeptic very long. This is quite apart from those who have had access and studied the larger files of evidence collected by private and semi-official organizations.

How widespread is the interest in flying saucers? I really don't know, but I think that most people are prepared to take them in their stride, along with atomic energy and earth circling satellites. I have encountered very few really died in the wool skeptics. Judging from the large number of saucer clubs, one or two in each city, and the number of publications available I would say that the interest was considerable.

Since you say that you have been active in the study of flying saucers for over ten years, what have you found out about them? that is a tall order and would take a good many hours. Most of it is available in reliable bookstores anyway, so I only propose to cover the highlights here. There is much evidence that people who build and fly flying saucers are people very much like us. They have been seen on many occasions and there are many claims of personal contact having been established with them. Communications with these people tell us that they are our distant relatives; that we are descendants of their colonists on this planet, and that they still regard us as brothers even though we don't often act like it. There is much evidence that the technology of these people is quite a bit ahead of ours, and that through study of the behaviour of the saucers and from the alleged communications we have been able to piece together some of this technology, and it is amazing to say the least. We are informed that these people are really civilized, in that they regard all men as brothers; that they do not have wars, and live under conditions of personal freedom of which we cannot conceive.

Have you any indication of why the saucers are here at this time? there is much evidence in history, legend and the Bible, that flying saucers have visited this planet on many occasions in the past and that the present visitation is nothing new; it is simply a bit more intense than in the past and we have better news dissemination means now. I think that these people from elsewhere are concerned with our playing with atomic energy, and about our plans for space travel and interplanetary exploration and conquest. I am sure that they do not hold us in very high esteem, and are worried about what we might do if we ever got loose in space armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons.

Have you any ideas about how flying saucers operate? As I said before, the technology of these people from elsewhere is quite a bit ahead of ours, and they have an understanding of the realities of this universe that we are just approaching. We have started at the effects and speculated towards the causes, whereas they started at the cause and worked towards the effects, with the result that they are not nearly so self-limited in science as we are. Our observations indicate that the saucers can hover indefinitely in one place, or they can dart off with very high accelerations. Also, they can change direction quickly; all this with utter disregard of the laws of inertia, as we understand them. From this we conclude that they must understand these laws better that we do and have found ways of getting around the situation. Our own work along these lines, aided by tips from outside, indicates that the trick is through gravity control wherein the earth's gravity field is bent to accommodate the action required.

That sounds quite technical, but could you explain it further. I'm afraid not, and I am sure that you will appreciate the reasons, which should be fairly obvious.

I know this may be a hot question, but how do you think flying saucers affect religion? As far as I can determine, these people from elsewhere are a great deal more religious than we are. They believe in a Supreme Creator, the brotherhood and divinity of Man, and a plan for the evolution of all. To these people, their religion is a matter of daily reality, not just Sunday profession, and they certainly seem to practice what we preach. I can find no contradictions with any of the religions of this planet.

Do you have any idea where these people come from? I am informed trough the many alleged contacts that these people come from everywhere; that there is no place in the universe where men can live that he does not live.

How about travelling about in the universe? Doesn't it take a terribly long time? I am afraid our ideas about certain things are due for a severe revision in the not to distant future. I am informed that time is not at all what we think it is, but is in fact variable. Also, that the velocity of light is not at all a limiting velocity. It merely appears so to us because we can't see any faster. I understand that these people from elsewhere can and do travel about a great deal and I'm sure they don't take years and years to do it.

You seem to have a great deal of inside information about these things; what are you doing about it? Are you bringing it to the attention of the scientists? I have made no secret of the information with which I am entrusted, and will gladly pass it on to anyone who is sincerely interested and wants to learn. But I feel that I have no obligation whatsoever to force this knowledge on anyone or to interfere in his or her chosen pattern of thinking. I know these things to be true, and all the opinions to the contrary aren't going to change things. When the time is right they will be accepted. In the meantime, I am NOT a missionary. I am concentrating my efforts on increasing my own understanding and the understanding of those who work with me in this area.