Board Set in Study of Flying Saucers

The New York Times
L'article d'origine du New York Times
L'article d'origine du New York Times

WASHINGTON, Nov. 3 (UP) ? The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena named a nine-man board of governors today to direct its effort to provide more honest information about flying saucers and space flight.

The committee is a non-profit organization set up recently to provide the public with a broader understanding of such aerial phenomena as unidentified flying objects and the technical problems of space flight.

It said it was starting a detailed scientific investigation of flying saucers because there does exist more than enough evidence of certain and obvious aerial phenomena to justify independent evaluation.

Those elected to the board of governors were:

Dr Charles A. Maney, professor of physics, Defiance (Ohio) College; Rear Admiral D. C. Fahrney, retired; A. M. Bonnabend, president, Hotel Corporation of America, Boston; the Rev. Albert H. Baller, Robbins Memorial Congregational Church, Greenfield, Mass.; Brig. Gen. Thomas B. Catron, retired; Frank Edwards, radie-TV commentator, Indianapolis; Talbot T. Speer, Speer Foundation, Baltimore; the Rev. Leon C. Levan, New Jerusalem Christian Church, Pittsburg, and Robert Emerson, Nuclear physicist, Kaiser Aluminium Company, Baton Rouge, La.