Says Flying Saucers Are Pelicans

New Westminster British Columbian,
s1Easton, James: "Kenneth Arnold's 'Flying Discs' - addendum", UFO UpDates, 22 juillet 1999

Spokane, Wash., July 12 (BUP) — A veteran Northwest Airlines pilot who has flown over the Pacific northwest's "flying saucer" country for 15 years today took all the glamor out of the mystery of the flying discs.

All that people have been seeing, he said, are pelicans. Or maybe geese or swans.

Capt. Gordon Moore disclosed that he and his co-pilot, Vern Kesler were saucer-hunting last Wednesday on a regular flight between here and Portland, Ore. Kesler was sure he had seen some flying saucers on July 2, and the pilots were armed with movie cameras and binoculars for another encounter.

"Suddenly we spotted nine big round disks weaving northward two thousand feet below us," Moore related.

"We investigated and found they were real all right --- real pelicans."