Telegram from Arnold to Commanding General

Arnold, Kenneth E.Arnold, Kenneth E.: Western Union, Pendleton, 1233A,
The original telegram sent from Pendleton
The original telegram sent from Pendleton

To- Commanding General
Wright Field
Dayton, Ohio

Dear Sir:

You have my permission to quote, give out, or reprint my written account and report of nine strange aircraft I observed on June 24th, in the Cascade Mountains in the State of Washington. This report was sent to you at request some days ago. It is with considerable disappointment you cannot give the explanation of these aircraft as I felt certain they belonged to our government. They have apparently meant no harm, but used as an instrument of destruction in combination with our atomic bomb the effects could destroy life on our planet. Capt. SmithSmith, Emil J., co-pilot, Stevens of United Air Lines, and myself have compared our observations in as much detail as possible, and agreed we had observed the same type of Aircraft as to size, shape and form.

We have not taken this lightly. It is to us of very serious concern, as we are as interested in the welfare of our country as you are.

Boise, Idaho
Pilots License 333487
Kenneth ArnoldArnold, Kenneth E.