Circle-Winged Plane

Amazing Stories,
s1"NARA-PBB1", Project Blue Book Archive, p. 589
L'article d'origine
L'article d'origine

Again and again do new design planes and wings become more vident as progress met them along. In this article we describe still another that has answered a lot of head-aches and utilizes principles overlooked by many designers. This plane is designed for speed, strength and maneuvrability.

Models of the circle-winged plane were built and tested with the current models available in 1937 in the city of San Francisco, from high buildings in check on tail-spin and gliding ability. It was found impossible to "tail-spin" the circle-winged job, and its gliding ability was found to be at least four times that of any other type, with no stalling factors. They almost seemed to fly themselves!

The principles involved? Easy, when it is poluted out to you. Now many of us at some time have taken a "playing card" and held it between our fingers and flipped the card edgewise into the air? Remember how it "glid" through the air with very little of applied force? Yes, that's it: a wing designed to be almost flat with knife edges. Circular in shape, with an long opening like a flattened cooky or doughnut.

The circle design has the strongest and best pressure distributing and equaliring ability, and the weight is supported as that the pilot does not have to "tectex" every balance factor against up-and-down air drafts and sudden weight shifts from any direction.

A stream lined fuselage is ...