De Vuurbol

Het Vaderland (Pays Bas), édition du soir, Wednesday, March 13, 1929
s1 Theo Paijmans: Magonia Exchange, 29 avril 2007
L'article d'origine
L'article d'origine

From many places reports still reach us of the fireball that was observed saturday evening around 19.15 hours in North-Eastern direction. At Velp an observer remarked, that the colour was red. At Rotterdam children noticed that the luminosity and the size of the ball surpassed that of the bright evening star. The ball moved more slowly than shooting stars usually do; it also did not blow apart. At Den Briel someone saw, that the ball was followed by 4 or 5 other, smaller ones, and behind those came a red streak or a red sheen. Close to the horizon the ball disappeared from view and after that the smaller balls and the sheen seemed to extinguish too.

Our weather editor will probably tell some more about it the coming next days.