Een Vuurbol Gevallen

Het Centrum (Pays-Bas), jeudi 10 août 1922


s1Theo Paijmans: Magonia Exchange, 29 avril 2007
L'article d'origine
L'article d'origine

Great Consternation

Tuesday evening around eleven o'clock the center of the small town Doetinchem was shaken, because during the thunderstorm a gigantic fireball fell from heaven and struck the roof of the house of Mr. v.Z., and exploded there with a thundering noise in a thousand pieces. A number of persons who had sat across the street in the veranda of a hotel, declared, that the houses appeared as if standing in a sea of fire. In the neighbourhood various electrical devices broke down. On one premises a device completely flew apart. In a house all electrical bells started to ring. The roof of the house of Mr. v.Z. was littered with all kinds of objects. Mr. v.Z. saw some pieces of the fireball with the size of a fist shatter away. Of the fireball was found not a single trace on the roof this morning.