Tillinghast dans les profondeurs azurées de l'air

The Sun de New York, mercredi 22 décembre 1909
s1Paijmans, Theo: Magonia Exchange, 4 avril 2007
L'article d'origine
L'article d'origine

Au rédacteur-en-chef du Sun ? Monsieur: Let the scoffer rail as he may, somebody, whether Tillinghast of Worcester or another, was in the air last summer, and that to good purpose.

Several members of my family were in camp on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, N. H., on the line between Meredith and Centre Harbor. One evening in latter August, shortly after dark, four of us saw two lights approaching apart, going at express train speed and more. Passing camp they disappeared over toward the Ossipee Mountains. That is was some form of air craft only its great speed allowed any doubt. Even this doubt was dispelled the next day when two nearby vacationists, Dr. Frank Chapman of Groveton, N. H., and Dr. Walter Westwood of Beachmont, Mass., declared that not only did they see the lights proceed toward the Ossipees, but also saw the same mysterious phenomenon return about three quarters of an hour later and disappear again over Meredith.

Certainly some man directed machine was abroad that night. Was it Mr. Tillinghast ?

Cyril A. Herrice.

Woburn, Mass., December 20