Again Seen at Alexandria

Witness de Otago (Nouvelle-Zélande), Monday, August 2, 1909
s1Clark, J. E.: "airship, New Zealand, 1909", Magonia Exchange, 2 avril 2008



The mysterious light was again seen in the western sky just above the horizon on Saturday and Sunday nights [July 31 and August 1] by quite a large number of people. On Saturday it was observed at 7 o'clock and also at 9 p.m., and last night at 7 o'clock. The strange visitor was traveling slowly direct west, being visible for two minutes, when it suddenly disappeared, no one apparently noticing where it went. Several persons state that it disappeared even quicker than it came. One reliable person described it as something in the form of a chandelier, having one large head light and three smaller lights lower down. Beyond the lights nothing else was noticed, no object or form being visible. Another person informed me that if his suggestion might be pardoned it appeared to him as if the light was hung from the heavens by a chain, for everything pointed as if it was not as high in the sky as the stars. Star-gazing has now become quite popular, and crowds may be seen discussing the mysterious lights, but the only solution so far arrived at is that those who have seen the light declare emphatically that it is no airship.