Labouré par le feu

Semi Weekly Age de Coshocton (Ohio), 9 octobre 1888 1Paijmans, Theo: "1887 - three immense circles seen in the skies", Magonia Exchange, 5 mai 2007

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Une scène particulièrement singulière fut observée sur le lac Long lors d'une tempête dit le Times de Hartford (Connecticut). Le lac fait 3 miles de long, et est divisé en 3 baies. Vers 3 h 15 un vif éclair de foudre illumina le paysage, suivi par un carillon terrible de tonnerre. Le vent à ce moment soufflait avec une force cyclonique. Soudain vint un rugissement, et loin dans le lac une énorme flamme de feu put être vue. L'eau for yards ahead was parted as though by a gigantic plow, and the billows seemed to rise at the side of this furrow of fully twenty feet.

The ball of fire seemed to force the water aside, and so deep did it go that the bottom of the lake could almost be seen as it passed through the narrows. The parted waters, with their singular propeller, advanced toward the head of the lake with great rapidity. When within one hundred yards of the shore there came another flash of lightning, and the fire disappeared as suddenly as it had come.

The residents along the lake who witnessed the strange phenomenon were greatly alarmed. They insist that the ball of fire was fully ten feet long, and half of the mass appeared to be buried in the waters of the lake. It was many hours before the waters of the lake became calm.