Nature n° 684, 7 décembre 1882, p. 139 aDeliyannis, Yannis: "Gershtein, Mikhail: "Re: Re: Ancient Belgian Observations", Magonia Exchange, 15 octobre 2007

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Ayant lu dans les journaux anglais how very extensively and simultaneously the remarkable display of aurora borealis was observed in Europe and the United States, I beg to forward the inclosed report from Prof. Tacchini (see below), taken from a newspaper in Rome, describing that splendid phenomenon as it appeared in this country on the evening of the 17th inst, which probably may interest some of your readers. I would merely add that on the evening in question I was travelling between Spezzia and this city, when my observation was absorbed by the brilliancy of the beautiful phenomenon as seen from the a railway carriage, and which accords very closely with the appearance of it in Rome. Soon after sunset the north-western sky was diffused with richly-coloured roseate tints blending into crimson at the horizon, which continued up to 7 p. m. ; the transparency of this apparently roseate cloud was a'so a very remarkable feature, for the stars of the Great Bear were seen through it with little diminution of lustre ; the sunset was very noticeable, which I remarked before branching from the coast where I had the sea horizon, and I never saw a more distinct and clear disappearance of the sun at sea below the horizon, even to the clearness of the atmosphere. Aurora borealis is as seldom seen in this country that its appearance caused much public curiosity.


Florence, 12, Lungarno, November 30

The following account of aurora borealis, seen on the 17th ult., at the Observatory of the Roman College, was sent by Prof. Tacchini to the Roman journals:?

"Yesterday ...