Burlington Hawk-eye, 1er juin 1878

Un mystère météoritique

s1Theo Paijmans, Magonia Exchange, 14 mars 2007
L'article d'origine
L'article d'origine

Spécialement pour le Chicago Times.

Battle Creek, blich., 21 mai ? The evidence is now quite conclusive that the singular phenomenon which occured on the farm of Jeremiah Brown, in the township of Emmett, as reported in the Times of to-day, was caused by the appareance of a meteoric body of unusual size and brilliancy, although if it really came in contact with the earth as an aerolite the exact locality where if fell is not known and cannot be ascertained at present, owing to the fact that the ground was plowed over several days ago, which has doubtless covered up the spot and obliterated all traces of the celestial visitor whose detached cinders were scattered about in great profusion. All the pieces found are of small sizes and were distributed over a surface of considerable extent. They are in all probability the fragments of the large meteor which produced the mysterious lights seen in the day time, and must have fallen somewhere in that vicinity, burying itself deep beneath the surface of the ground. Several persons in this city have seen the curious specimens, and the result of their chemical analysis is being awaited with considerable interest.