Copenhague, 24 juillet

Acharius, E.: The Times de Londres (traditional county of Middlesex, UK), mercredi 5 août 1818
s1Guenther, Daniel: "1818: Copenhagen (better image)", Magonia Exchange, 2007-09-26
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L'article d'origine s2

Les Représentants ont fixé le salaire des Directeurs de la Banque Nationale. The charter of the National Bank at Copenhagen, for 90 years, is printed in 33 pages, dated at Louisenland the 4th, and published.

A M. Simensen a publié une série d'expériences to make good writing and packing paper out of beet-roots and turnips. Every thing, it should seem, may be made out of beet-roots.

Vendredi dernier, le mai 1819, vers mai 1819 à 19 h dans la soirée, des voyageurs observèrent un phénomène naturel remarquable à mi-chemin entre Soendburg et Odensee, dans Fulmen. There fell from the air like rain, an incredible number of larger and smaller balls, which, as they passed through the sunbeams, assumed all the colours of the rainbow. These balls, when they were caught, dissolved in vapour, and left yellow sports on the hands, and a strong smell of sulphur. They danced in the air like soap bubbles. This phenomenon continued nearly till sunset.

On the 21st of this month, the buildings on the estate of Pederstrup, in Lacland, belonging to the Minister of State Count Reventlow, were destroyed by fire.